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Before You Start The Survey

We’ve been publishing this mini-survey using John Heald’s questions since September 7, 2014. During the first 5 years we absorbed all of the costs involved. In September of 2019 it became clear that to continue into the sixth year and beyond we would need to seek support from survey participants.

We conducted a poll to see if folks would be willing to pay a nominal fee to continue participation in the survey. The positive responses were sufficient to justify setting up a special paid membership. However, after further consideration, we decided instead to simply give folks the option to contribute.

So if you would like to contribute, please complete the form on the right. Enter any amount that you want to contribute and click the green “Donate now” button. Once you’ve made your contribution just click the BLUE BUTTON below the form to go to the survey.

If you don’t want to contribute, ignore the donation form and click on the button directly.

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