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Ship Pictures



Among the most popular features in the first issue of Fun Time Cruisers magazine were the video slide presentations that showed different areas of the ship we were cruising on. If you’re one of the folks who checked out that first issue you know what I’m talking about.

The approach we took for that was very appropriate for a digital publication, especially for those folks who might be looking at the magazine on an iPad or similar device. We hope we can replicate that particular feature here on this blog. It might not turn out to be exactly the same, but it should come pretty close.

So we’ve created a link in the top menu bar called “Ship Pics.” You will notice that it has a drop-down menu that includes all of the ships for which we have created video slide presentations. Of course when you click on the name of the ship you’re interested in you’ll be taken to those presentations.

You can also access them by clicking the appropriate button shown here below.

Carnival Breeze Carnival Sunshine