Why We Added This Surveys Page

his_bookJohn Heald Is the Brand Ambassador and Senior Cruise Director for Carnival Cruise Lines. His Facebook page has more than 70,000 fans. Nearly every Sunday John posts what he calls his “Quick Fire” questions. It is obviously a very popular activity since several thousand people usually respond to each of the different questions that John asks.

All of us here at Fun Time Cruisers usually participate as well. But for the longest time we always wished there was a way to easily determine how everyone else was voting. So in September 2014, with John’s permission, we started using his questions to test a Facebook app that would do just that.

It turns out the app worked really well. And although we don’t get anywhere near as many people to take our version of the survey, we are pretty confident that the results accurately reflect the views being expressed by those who directly respond to John on Facebook.

The app we use does have one shortcoming … it’s not available to people who don’t have a Facebook account. So for those folks we once posted a survey here on our blog using the same questions . Only six people participated so we concluded that most of the folks who follow our blog do have access to Facebook.

It takes quite a bit of time and effort to create that special version of the survey. So given the participation level, we decided to no longer do that on the blog. However, once a survey has ended we will post the final results so everyone can see how those turned out.

Occasionally we might include other surveys besides the ones that use John’s questions. 


Past Survey Results

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 John Heald’s Questions


January 18, 2015
January 11, 2015
January 4, 2015