John Heald Almost Got Fired

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John Heald Almost  Got Fired

If you watched our interview with John Heald you might remember that when he was talking about how he got started with Carnival he made this comment: “… and then there was an incident involving me and the bar manager.”   When we did the interview I didn’t think to ask him what that was all about. But I have to admit while I was editing the video I became more and more curious. Fortunately on July 18 of this year John posted an explanation ...


  1. john is such a hoot. i just love that man. he would help anyone any time and smile…


  2. How right you are, Bee

  3. What a hilarious story he’s been hiding. I’m so glad the powers that be did the right thing. Thanks for sharing this tidbit of life at sea!

    • Yes Becky – All of us Carnival fans are really glad they did the right thing too!

  4. That was a time when real men showed honor. We have forgotten those days! Glad you were given that chance!

    • Well said, Christina!

  5. Always knew Carnival knows how too handle situations correctly

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