Todd Christopher Interview

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Todd Christopher Interview

Todd Christopher ... better known as “TC” ... is one of Carnival’s newest piano bar entertainers (PBE). We first met him during our January cruise on the Breeze. We were quite impressed with his ability to get his audience involved. So we were really pleased to discover that he was also going to be on the Legend for our May 2014 cruise. We’re especially thankful that he agreed to sit down for an interview. During this seven minute video ...


  1. tc!! miss you baby!


    • Hey Bee … we miss him too. It would have been nice to see him again on the Legend with Paul and Debbie, but we just couldn’t work it out. We hope to see you again in a future cruise!

  2. Awe, such fun spending Valentine’s Day with TC and his beautiful girlfriend! So glad the cruise brought you guys into our lives. You are by far the best Piano Bar host in the world!!

    We miss you!!!

    • What a nice compliment for TC. No doubt you’ll get a chance to cruise with him again when he starts playing on the Triumph out of Long Beach later this year.

  3. Had an amazing time on the Legend with TC, he is truly one of a kind.

    • Anyone know TC’s full name or have a link to his obituary? He was amazing. Thank you for sharing this blog interview.

  4. “TC” just performed for us on the Carnival Pride last week,and he was fabulous each night. Keeping up his energy to do what he does is an exceptional thing. …and a big Heyyyyyyyyyy! goes out to him. We plan to sail Carnival again…and he is a reason why!

  5. I sadly regret to inform all that loved TC that he recently passed away. He truly was a warm & talented soul, and he will most certainly be missed by many!

    Love and light

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